After Failed Attempts at Inside Sales Self-Implementation, Alexis Oil Finds a Reliable Partnership in Ledgeview

The Situation

Before Alexis Oil & GIS started working with Ledgeview’s Inside Sales Program they had attempted it themselves, but failed to find the solutions they were aiming for: to grow their customer base, become more effective as a Lubricant Marketer, and develop a more efficient sales process.

“On the lubricant side, we really were not able to manage it,” says Diana Jackson, CEO of Alexis Oil.

With past attempts, Jackson says inside sales reps were turning into “catch-all customer service reps,” having everything funneled through them. This was not the company’s original intention, and, as a result, they didn’t meet their goals.

Ledgeview’s partnership with Alexis Oil and GIS has evolved and matured over the years. Upon first meeting Ledgeview sales management, Jackson wasn’t sold on the idea of outsourcing inside sales.

“When I first met Ledgeview, I was opposed to the idea,” Jackson says. “I didn’t see how the Inside Sales Program could work; but, it’s actually worked remarkably well.”

Alexis Oil and GIS were worried about working with reps out of their territory and handing over account control. A “normal” apprehension, but one that they overcame to form an excellent business relationship.

Though they had been considering other options with Chevron Project Transform, they found their ultimate success with Ledgeview.

“It’s the only Inside Sales Solution for us that’s worked,” Jackson says.

The Solution

Alexis Oil started by having Ledgeview take over inside sales on the lubricants side, then, once they saw success, they took on a Ledgeview Inside Sales Rep to manage GIS.

“We’ve been nothing but pleased,” Jackson says.

Looking at the future of their company, Jackson says they would, ideally, like to have an inside sales rep from Ledgeview for every segment of their business.

Ledgeview’s position has evolved within Alexis Oil and GIS to not only be calling customers but taking on a more collaborative approach.

“These reps also reach out for new business,” Jackson says. “They manage to do that very successfully. It works for us on both sides with Alexis Oil and GIS.”

Though integrating an inside sales program was a sensitive process at first, Alexis Oil and GIS ignited an incentive program to keep their internal reps emotionally and financially fulfilled. The point for them was to always be growing new business.

Jackson says Ledgeview’s GIS inside sales rep is “vital” to their business process now, and, as a whole, the program is “instrumental” to their procedure.

The Benefits

Through working with Ledgeview, Jackson says their goals with an Inside Sales Outsourcing Program met expectations. Online inquiries are funneled through to inside reps, for example, creating more time for the outside team to focus on generating new business while inside sales reps at Ledgeview monitor these inquiries.

“When a plant has an emergency, and Ledgeview is able to respond the way they do, it matters,” Jackson says. “It makes a significant impact on the customer and our business. The experience resonates and is appreciated.”

The benefits are clear on both the Alexis Oil and GIS side.

From December to the end of May, Jackson says they’re busier than they’ve been in four years.

“A significant portion of us being so busy is a result of Ledgeview’s work,” Jackson says. “And, a majority of those customers are new, too.”

Jackson says the greatest takeaway from their partnership with Ledgeview is the expertise and knowledge Ledgeview brings to the table.

“This is Ledgeview’s expertise, and they do it well,” Jackson says. “I have zero complaints, and I know, even if I did, Ledgeview would be a call away and resolve the problem immediately.”

The quality of Ledgeview’s reps has really made a difference for them.

“Ledgeview was obviously very qualified to do the inside sales piece,” Jackson says. “It’s been extremely successful for us.”

About the Company

Alexis Oil Company, rooted in Carona, California, with an additional facility in Phoenix, Arizona began operations back in 1985. That same year, they grew their highly technical sister company, Global Industrial Solutions. Alexis Oil works heavily with Chevron Lubricants as its primary source in the petroleum marketing industry. On the other hand, Global Industrial Solutions focuses on filtration, vacuum dehydration, and varnish removal services, among many others. GIS is heavy on industrial services, such as with power plants and in manufacturing.

Alexis Oil officially began offering GIS services to their lubricant customers back in 1991. Today, their business has grown with industry changes, and now they offer technological developments, increased product offerings, and coverage, among many other benefits.

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“Ledgeview Partners filled important gaps in our company with Inside Sales and CRM. These two vital components of our sales team were successfully implemented within our organization after countless attempts on our own in the past.”

Mark Leara, Principle GM Field Service, Alexis Oil

“Being so busy, we get distracted in our day-to-day business. Sales reps at Ledgeview have the specific focus and management we need to succeed in the process.

Mark Leara, Principle GM Field Service, Alexis Oil

“The Ledgeview team made the difference. Today we have a thriving and growing inside sales team. Thanks to Ledgeview, our CRM is fully implemented and operating, giving our sales team instant access to important customer and prospective customer information.

Mark Leara, Principle GM Field Service, Alexis Oil
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