Nationwide-Preferred CRM for Oil and Gas Solution LedgeviewHow can you use all of the data that’s in your CRM system in the Oil and Gas Industry to help you figure out where you’re at with your goals, and what you need to do to make sure you hit them?

When it comes to CRM for Pipeline Management, and CRM tied to your Accounting System (i.e. Actual Gross Profit & Volume Data), you are the one who sets your Gross Profit or Volume Goals.

There is critical information about every opportunity.

Ledgeview’s holds this fact high, which is why we implemented our CRM for Oil and Gas Solution many years ago, using Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM to help drive industry-specific goals to the next stage of business success.

The important Opportunity data Ledgeview wants you to pay close attention to in our nationwide-preferred CRM Solution for the Oil and Gas Industry is: 

  • Estimated Gross Profit
  • Estimated Volume
  • Estimated Close Date

Though these are guesses as “estimates,” the best people to guess at this data is salespeople in your organization!

It must be kept as accurate as possible at all times.

Your Estimated Close Date tells you how close you are to achieving your goal in your fiscal calendar year.

When moving your opportunity through the sales process, CRM for Oil and Gas allows you to move it through the Sales Process Stages.

Within the system, it’s an easy process of moving opportunities, closing or marking them as lost, then the system can easily calculate your win ratio.

Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil and Gas Gap to Goal analysis is another powerful feature of the CRM system.

Here, the system will use all of your data (Goals, Actual GP & Volume, Estimated numbers based on your Pipeline data, and apply your win ratio) to tell you how many Opportunities you need to add to your Pipeline to hit your goal.

In Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil and Gas system, you have a lot of good information in your hands.

If you look at all of this information without Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil and Gas system, you will be doing a lot of guesswork and tedious work with data that you don’t need to be.

Ledgeview will take your Oil and Gas business to the next level with this solution.

The benefits and functionalities described in this post are truly just the beginning of its possibilities … 

Ledgeview’s experience and passion for the Oil and Gas industry are reflective in this system and its functionalities, but don’t just take it from us – see for yourself.

For a more detailed overview that goes in-depth with the solution, we invite you to watch our exclusive on-demand webinar that includes a full product demo of the system!

Learn more about all of the benefits and functionalities of the solution. You will be amazed at what it has the potential to help you accomplish for your Oil and Gas business.

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