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As a reminder, a Level 1 Marketer is referred to by marketing experts today as someone who is using an email service provider as their primary method of reaching and engaging with their target audiences. They are “Email Blasters”, lacking in functionality and automation.

Level 2 is a step up from Level 1 (arguably a few steps up), and, if you fall under Level 1, we remind you, once again, to not be discouraged!

Every marketer learns at their own pace, during their own time. You can’t compare your experience to someone else’s.

You can only strive to develop your own skill sets and expertise by taking steps to get to new phases of your expertise.

That in mind, let’s unpack what makes a Level 2 marketer.

As described in Ledgeview’s new eBook with Act-On Software, a Level 2 marketer is someone who is a “Multi-Channel Campaigner”.

This means they are spending less time on tactical execution in their marketing processes.

They’ve created a cycle that allows them to spread their wings.

They embrace other digital channels and have moved beyond just email marketing to start to explore other digital channels to improve their marketing practices.

At this level of digital marketing maturity, a marketer’s defining characteristic is as described – they’ve moved on past being email-centric, and are thriving with multiple digital channels.

A few more defining characteristics at this level of maturity include:

  • You have a segmented campaign strategy that is segmented by behavior and profile data.
  • You utilize the automated scoring of data management and data enrichment activities.
  • You have key contact information sync’ed into your CRM (Customer Relationship Mangement) environment.
  • You have a defined funnel supported by specific campaigns with correlated attribution reports.

At this level, marketers are doing more advanced segmentation and have implemented marketing technology that facilitates key automation processes.

You are so close to becoming Level 3! 

Learn more about what it takes to reach the final level of digital marketing maturity when you read “5 Signs You’re Ready for Marketing Automation”.

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