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Salesforce Trailhead Recap: Are You Creating Compelling Social Media Content?

Last week, I recapped the Salesforce Trailhead unit, “Analyze Social Conversations,” as part of the module, “Social Media Marketing & Engagement.”

Today, I’m continuing the lessons of this module with another recap of the second unit, “Publish Compelling Content on Social Media.”

This is another great one for marketers to think about at the beginning of a new year. How will you compel your audiences to stay with you on social media? How will you listen to them and get them to listen to you?

Creating compelling content can drive your marketing strategies in the right direction. There is still a lot of power in social media marketing, and it all starts with the basic ways you communicate with your audiences.

Salesforce explains that “social publishing is a great way to establish brand tone, demonstrate thought leadership, share industry news and keep customers and prospects engaged.”

There may still be a misconception that you have to have a huge PR team in order to create strong brand awareness, but Salesforce reaffirms that that just isn’t true!

Social media platforms have the power to extend your reach and presence organically or by creating paid ads. Whether you’re a team of 1, 100, or 1,000, you can harness the power of social publishing.

To create effective brand awareness campaigns, Salesforce suggests social engagement techniques like:

  • “Connect with influencers in your industry.
  • Share content created by influencers and stay active in the conversation.
  • Keep a profile full of updated, worthwhile content.
  • Offer influencers exclusive content, news, and product deals.
  • Take consumers behind the scenes to see product development, meet your team, and more.”

Of course, I feel these strategies will vary between B2C and B2B, but they fall under the same foundational intention of creating deep, meaningful, and authentic personal relationships with your customers.

Salesforce’s second piece of advice is to “be transparent.” Transparency is something your followers will appreciate. They will build trust with you when you are transparent and open on your social media platforms.

Being transparent with your target audience and customer base sets the tone for having lasting, long-term relationships.

Next, to develop your brand tone, Salesforce encourages brands to really find their voice and move away from having a traditionally corporate tone.

Creating a style guide for your team can help with this. It gives employees a clear and consistent idea about how to shape your brand online.

Salesforce also reminds us to “be intentional about inclusion” when it comes to social publishing. Think about the images you’re sharing with your audiences. Are they featuring diverse people? Representation matters!

Add closed captions to your videos, mind your customers’ time zones, honor various holidays, and celebrate the diversity of your audience in every post. While you may feel your audience is niche, in today’s digital world, you still have the potential to reach a global base.

Salesforce also shares these great tips:

  • Make your content easy to share
  • Track your links using tracking codes in Google Analytics
  • Recycle, experiment with, and repurpose your content
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