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Are you ready to Pair Your D365 Environment with a Marketing Automation tool?

Picking the right solution may feel like an overwhelming, daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

In order to start this project on the right foot, it’s best to begin with a proper analysis of your current marketing technology and needs.

What is your current state compared to your desired future state?

Marketing automation is classified in today’s marketplace as any software platforms or technology that is designed for marketing departments and organizations to help them more effectively market on multiple channels and automate tasks.

When connected to CRM technology like Microsoft Dynamics, the results stand to be even better!

Data connections allow for clearer visibility into customer engagements and the overall customer experience, which many of us know is the most important aspect of business today. When our customers are happy, so are we! Click To Tweet

To start the selection process, you will first want to ask yourselves what outcomes you desire by pairing a marketing automation solution with your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM environment.

  • Do you want to market more effectively across multiple channels?
  • Do you need to create more focus among your team by delegating minor tasks to automation?
  • Do you want to take advantage of social media publishing tools to have consistent messaging across your brand and publish on more channels?

Whatever your questions, the right marketing automation solution should “answer” them and then some.

To decide if you’re ready or want to take advantage of pairing a marketing automation solution with your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM environment, however, all you need to ask yourselves is one very important question: “Do you want to expand and improve your business outcomes in 2020?”

If you answered yes, download your own complimentary copy of Ledgeview’s guide to success, “8 Questions to Ask Yourselves to Select the Right Marketing Automation Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365.”

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It’s time to find the best solution for oyur organization – Pair Your D365 Environment with Marketing Automation!

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