Sales, SalesforceAre you ready to learn how to assign territories to opportunities in Salesforce?

Territory management is an effective feature that helps salespeople stay more organized and efficient as individuals and a cohesive team.

In this Salesforce Trailhead unit, Salesforce covers:

  • How to assign a territory manually to an opportunity
  • How filter-based opportunity territory assignment works
  • How to set up, deploy, and run filter-based opportunity territory assignment
  • How to manually exclude an opportunity from filter-based territory assignment

Enterprise Territory Management in Salesforce helps reps easily track who is assigned to which account and opportunity, and allocate their resources more efficiently.

Before you begin this module, it’s recommended that you complete the series that covers the basics of Enterprise Territory Management, as this unit builds upon the concepts.

Salesforce reminds us that you can manually assign a territory to an opportunity on the opportunity record. By default, the opportunity is “shared (read-only) with all users assigned to the territory’s parent in the territory model’s hierarchy.”

Salesforce recommends assigning the territory to the opportunity’s account.

Salesforce* provides an example of how to assign a territory to an opportunity in these steps:

  1. In Setup, Click on the Object Manager Tab, then select Opportunity
  2. Select Page Layouts and then Opportunity (Marketing) Layout
  3. Drag the Territory Field (in the upper pane) to the Opportunity Information area under Opportunity Detail
  4. Drag “exclude the territory assignment filter logic” to the Opportunity Detail area (which will be used later)
  5. Click “Save”
  6. Define the territory for the opportunity – from the App Launcher, find and select “Opportunities” and then open the desired Opportunity
  7. Click “Edit”, and then in the Territory field, select the desired territory from the picklist
  8. Click “Save”

Salesforce encourages users to refer to its Apex Developer Guide for more assistance with this process.

Within this unit, you will learn how to:

  • Define the Apex Class for Filter-Based Opportunity Territory Assignment
  • Enable Filter-Based Opportunity Territory Assignment
  • Determine and Manually Assign Territory Priority Values
  • Manually Exclude an Opportunity from Filter-Based Territory Assignment
  • Run the Opportunity Territory Assignment Filter

And, you will gain access to important resources to help you complete this process along the way. We highly encourage you to complete this unit yourself so that you grasp the concepts and processes involved with Enterprise Territory Management in Salesforce.

This module is good for Sales Managers, Salespeople, and aspiring Salesforce Developers. Learn how to assign territories to opportunities and much more when you explore the module.

Once you go through this information from Salesforce Trailhead, you can test your knowledge by taking a short quiz. This module is worth up to 600 points for Salesforce Trailhead users.

Unpack Salesforce Territory Management Best Practices in full detail – click here to begin the module.

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