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In the November Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM User Group Webinar, you’re invited to learn all about the best practices for the beginner admin!

Back by popular demand, in this session, Mike Dodds, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certified Support Consultant at Ledgeview Partners, will help you move through the steps and phases of becoming a beginner admin.

Whether you’re new or seasoned with the ecosystem, this webinar will serve as a good foundation or reminder for your continued success!

Being a Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Admin is undoubtedly an amazing task! Basically, you are the “go-to wizard” who holds the key to the (CRM) castle and can make the magic happen. 

(Childhood dream come true, right?)

Whether this is your full-time role or is another “hat” you wear at the office, in this webinar, our goal is to help you succeed by providing best practice tips every admin should know.

Register for the upcoming session here.

Catch up with the October Release Notes Overview Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM User Group Webinar before you join us for this one here.

With any questions you may have in the meantime, reach out to our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Professionals who are eager to help you succeed. Learn more about Ledgeview’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 services here. Get more relevant Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM tips here.

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