Ledgeview Partners CRM for Oil and Gas Mobile App

Are you a lubricant marketer who is struggling to find a way to help your salespeople connect to CRM while on the road?

With Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil and Gas Mobile App, salespeople can be more effective while traveling.

With the CRM for Oil and Gas Mobile App, you have access to many of the functions you do with the CRM for Oil and Gas desktop version.

Imagine having this information at your disposal on the go!

By using the Mobile App, salespeople are able to increase productivity and sales, improve data quality, increase user adoption rates, and access their CRM environment on any current Android or iOS device.

Users of CRM of Oil and Gas can benefit from improved data quality, increased user adoption, and increased sales. How?

By having CRM with them on the go, data quality is improved, since using the Mobile App allows users to update information on the road instead of potentially forgetting when they arrive back at the office. No more waiting!

You can add photos to notes, manage activities, dashboards, and opportunities with the CRM for Oil and Gas Mobile App in real-time in the palm of your hand.

Going mobile also helps to make CRM more user-friendly. By going mobile, you enable users to adopt it easier. CRM becomes more accessible, top of mind, and easier to use in their day-to-day.

When CRM is in the palm of their hands while traveling, for example, it can mean the difference of losing or closing a sale.

Studies have shown that companies using Mobile CRM systems are more likely to achieve their sales quotas than those without.

When your salespeople have downtime between their appointments, with mobile, they can avoid wasting time on unrelated activities.

CRM for Mobile provides a much easier way for them to enter data, review their notes, or send follow-ups via the system while they’re going from place to place.

You can learn more about these exciting benefits and how CRM for Oil and Gas uniquely benefits Lubricant Marketers across the United States when you ready, “12 Ways Lubricant Marketers Use CRM to Drive Success”.

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