BOSS Snowplow Becomes More Efficient with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Ledgeview Partners.

The Situation: One System for Distributor & Dealer Management

At BOSS, a 360-degree dashboard of a customer’s profile did not exist in one synchronized location for all departments at BOSS.   Prior to Ledgeview Partners and Dynamics CRM, the BOSS sales team did not have access to a real-time dashboard of customer interactions, order history, inventory management and more.  With the addition of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, internal staff, as well as the external sales team, now have a 360-degree view of customers in one centralized location.

With this new 360-degree view, BOSS eliminated the need to access and update multiple systems, therefore saving time, increasing productivity and allowing the sales team to focus on the customer.  Any member of the BOSS team can now access information on dealers and distributors quickly and efficiently.

Data that was previously accessed only by the ERP system or in a spreadsheet has now been exposed in CRM for a “one-stop shop” for customer contact information, credit status, sales data, and order status and shipments.

Sales call reports that were previously created in word documents and stored on the network are now housed in CRM and distribution is managed via an efficient workflow process rather than being manually touched by three different people.  With this new streamlined process, data is processed faster, more efficiently and is easier to access and analyze.

With BOSS, distributors and dealers are allocated coop marketing funds that can be utilized for a variety of marketing campaigns. With the implementation of CRM, a Coop Management system was created to provide one-click detailed visibility to the marketing spends and strategies of each of its distributors.

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The Solution: New Distributor Process Adds Visibility

The demand to represent the BOSS Snowplow product line is extremely high and prior to CRM was a disconnected manual process.

Requests from distributors (leads) who would like to carry the BOSS product line would funnel into the Marketing department via a multitude of outlets.

Prior to CRM, data documentation on potential new BOSS distributors was stored across multiple system databases and individual file systems.  The need to have a consolidated, accessible, and trackable database for new distributor leads was critical.

Potential distributors are required to go through a credit review process that involves multiple departments and management approvals prior to establishing a business as a distributor.

Due to multiple department approvals and stages of paperwork involved, this process was time-consuming and lengthy to process. In addition, prior to Dynamics CRM, the process lacked any visibility to the stage in which each distributor was at within the credit review process.  With this lack of visibility, sales managers, distributor services managers, and executive management did not know where potential opportunities stood at any point in time.

The addition of CRM workflows has increased the efficiency of the process, created visibility for all departments involved, and allowed BOSS to win opportunities at a faster rate.

The Benefits: Case Management Increases Customer Satisfaction

The Technical Service department handles tens of thousands of calls per year.  Call volume increases during the winter season and during snow events.  The department takes calls from distributors, sub-dealers, end users, and vendors.

While the BOSS sales model is B2B and not B2C, they are dedicated to interacting with the end users to keep a pulse on the users of their products, how they are using their product, and how they can continually improve the products they produce.

Prior to working with Ledgeview and deploying Dynamics CRM, there was no call tracking, customer data logging, issue reporting or knowledge base library.

After the implementation of CRM, the technical service department, as well as engineering, sales and marketing are now able to log customer calls, categorize the cases by case type and issue type, assign the case to other departments/team members and easily report on the types of issues the team is taking calls on.

In addition, a case number can now be provided to the caller for subsequent calls on the same issue to reduce call time and repetitive explanations by the customer.

This new process is resulting in a dramatic increase in the overall satisfaction of the level of customer service BOSS provides to its customers.

The addition of this new case management system has provided a more accurate means of reporting on product related issues and product ideas for engineering, manufacturing, and quality control to follow up, research and implement.

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About the Company

Northern Star Industries, Inc. acquired BOSS SNOWPLOW in 1985 and quickly became an industry leader and innovator. At BOSS, designing and building products to make your job and life easier is our ultimate goal. For nearly 30 years, we’ve been listening to you, the snow removal professional, to build the products and services you want and bring them to market. It all starts here in Iron Mountain, MI, in the land of brutal, cold winters, we know what it takes to build products that work in the worst conditions. We know what you go through. So we’re working harder than ever to deliver the toughest, more reliable plows and spreaders for you. We’re here to back you up. Learn more at and watch their corporate video.

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