Struggling to gain user adoption and efficiencies from disconnected systems, Brewer-Hendley Oil Company looked to industry leader, Ledgeview Partners, to implement CRM for Oil & Gas powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

The Situation

Brewer-Hendley was no stranger to Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  As a graduate of Chevron’s Project Transform program for elite lubricant marketers, they had utilized Salesforce but were unable to gain the user adoption and ultimately the efficiencies that they had hoped.

Brewer-Hendley was indeed experiencing several pain points with a disconnected back office and information scattered in various locations. Using multiple sources of information made their customer relations very difficult to maintain and manage.

They were unable to effectively track their customers’ buying habits or capture new share of wallet – an essential component for growth with Chevron’s marketer program. “We couldn’t send out and track email promotions for our customers,” says Brad Brewer, Sales Manager for Brewer-Hendley. “We couldn’t keep very good track of our leads and opportunities which led to the loss of potential business.” With a low to non-existent user adoption, pipeline discussions were based on conversations, not trackable reports and dashboards.

With the rapid growth in marketing and customer service, Brewer-Hendley was having a hard time keeping up with their competition. They needed to get a step up above the competition and give their customers a reason to stay. And give potential customers a reason to consider them.

Based on a recommendation from Chevron, Brewer-Hendley connected with Ledgeview Partners, who had developed an Oil and Gas industry solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM – a product that was generating positive results for their industry peers.

The Solution

Preparing for a second attempt at CRM, Brewer-Hendley wanted to make sure they got it right. They did their research. They found the CRM solution provided by Ledgeview Partners and powered Microsoft Dynamics would work best for their needs. “It was more user friendly than most CRM systems. We thought it would be a great fit” added Brewer.

There was just one hitch. At the time, the CRM solution offered by Ledgeview Partners was only available as an online, cloud-based solution and Brewer-Hendley preferred to be on premise. With a focus on building relationships and offering Brewer-Hendley the solution they were looking for, the product team at Ledgeview Partners rolled up their sleeves and enhanced the CRM for Oil & Gas product to include on-premises deployments.

The Benefits

Ledgeview Partners worked with Brewer-Hendley to enhance their business processes by helping them become more efficient and gathering all their information, via a connected back office, into a streamlined CRM that is easy to use and even easier to maintain through Ledgeview’s support and administration program.

The specific efficiencies that were realized in CRM by Brewer-Hendley include account management, lead, and opportunity tracking, the sales process, dashboards and reports, marketing campaigns and email tracking. With these new efficiencies in place, the CRM was embraced by users and results were noticeable.

“We have noticed the reps are more productive and responsive to our customers. We have kept our customers taken care of even better than before because we now have all their information and buying habits at our fingertips” describes Brad Brewer.  “In addition, we can help our reps by planning out campaigns and promotions that will cater to the customer’s needs and track our leads better which helps us close more sales. It has been a great experience. Our reps love it.”

About the Company

Brewer-Hendley is a premier petroleum marketer. The business is family-owned and was founded in 1982 by John Hendley and Bill Brewer. Brewer-Hendley is built on integrity and values that are shared throughout the organization. The business has four divisions: Lubricants, Commercial Fueling, DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), and Convenience Stores.

Brewer-Hendley is a Chevron 1st Source Elite Marketer, so customers can be assured that both staff and managers will provide them with exceptional service and the highest quality of products, while operating with the utmost integrity. Brewer-Hendley operates four warehouse locations to serve the Carolinas: Marshville, NC; Goldsboro, NC; Charlotte, NC; and Florence, SC. Learn more at

Ledgeview was very helpful throughout the whole process. We were thrilled with the service we received, and continue to receive. 

Brad Brewer, Sales Manager, Brewer-Hendley
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