Carson Oil TruckDiscover How Carson Oil Fuels Strategic Growth with CRM, Ledgeview Partners

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM are becoming an integral part of how Distributors do business today.

From reviewing weekly sales pipeline reports and capturing new business opportunities to managing loaned equipment and knowing (for sure) if their product is actually flowing into those loaned tanks, oil and gas distributors like Carson Oil are turning to CRM to help fuel profitable growth.

But don’t take my word for it.

In this newest CRM case study from Ledgeview Partners we feature Carson Oil, a 1st Source Elite Marketer for Chevron that implemented Ledgeview’s turnkey product CRM for Oil & Gas, which is powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

But this wasn’t Carson’s first experience with CRM. Just the first one that produced positive results. Carson Oil fuels strategic growth with the nationwide-preferred CRM for Oil & Gas solution.

The CRM system Carson had in place prior to teaming up with Ledgeview Partners and implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM was extremely limited and antiquated. And even though Carson had invested a considerable amount of resources and money into the tool, it was not intuitive or effective in producing the results they required.

When it came to implementing and deploying a new CRM solution, Carson Oil realized two very important things:

  1. CRM offered a much bigger opportunity that the team had originally realized with their current solution. If they could leverage CRM across all the companies divisions, they could really spur efficiency and growth in overall share of customer wallet.
  2. They didn’t have the internal CRM leadership expertise that would allow them to effectively leverage a CRM system. They’d need to find someone who had that knowledge.

That is where Ledgeview Partners came into play with not only extensive industry knowledge but a product designed specifically for lubricant marketers.

Since going live in January of 2015, Ledgeview Partners’ CRM for Oil & Gas, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM has had a pronounced effect on the day-to-day operations of Carson Oil. User adoption among employees has been incredible, and it continues to grow as Carson brings in new employees who are trained to take advantage of it – from day one.

Most importantly, Carson has realized its larger goal of leveraging CRM across all of its divisions to become more strategic and gain a larger share of customer wallet. Whether its simple improvements like quick and convenient access to last order reports, helping sales reps generate order activity with customers, or more advanced functionality like pipeline management, Carson has become much more proactive in managing its customer relationships.

Cory McCort, VP of Sales & Marketing at Carson Oil adds “There’s no reason NOT to use this oil and gas product. It’s not a sales tool. It’s an organizational success tool.”

Learn more about the situation Carson Oil had faced, the CRM solution they implemented and the benefits they are realizing by accessing the full Carson Oil Case Study.
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