CASE STUDY: A Look Inside — How Prime Lube Utilizes Ledgeview’s Inside Sales Program to Drive Success

PrimeLube Case Study


In order to attain the highest level as a Chevron Marketer and drive new sales volume, Prime Lube sought out Ledgeview Partners to mold these new positive aspects into their business model.

The vision for the partnership between Ledgeview and Prime Lube was clear from the get-go: to allow outside sales reps to concentrate on more profitable opportunities and leverage Ledgeview’s ISO (Inside Sales Outsourcing) program to handle and maintain smaller accounts.

Growth and increased profitability were both major short and long-term objectives of the partnership.

While this reshaped business model allowed business to boom, it did not come without sensitivity to the process.

Don Di Vite, VP and Principle at Prime Lube, says, like most sales reps, they were reluctant to hand over accounts to a rep who wasn’t as familiar with customers as they were, customers they sometimes considered like family.

There was also some apprehension about working with a sales rep who was outside of the headquarter’s territory.

Once the team learned to overcome these apprehensions, Di Vite says the results of implementing the process have been positive, though it took a while for everyone to get on board.

The key to the program’s success was the original lead out.

Ledgeview and Prime Lube’s strategy was clearly defined. It was never deviated from. The course was clear.

Accounts were slowly transitioned over to the ISO rep at Ledgeview, and outside sales reps were able to spend more time creating new, higher profit accounts.

As a result, Di Vite says the company can attribute significant growth to working with Ledgeview’s Inside Sales Outsourcing Program.

“We’ve had success,” Di Vite says. “We’ve had a lot of growth since implementing the program. It’s been a big part of our growth process and has enabled us to generate new business, maintain business, and develop key relationships.”

Now, Prime Lube has a business procedure that is always attainable. Someone is always monitoring and contacting accounts.

Care, communication, and clear customer distribution keep Prime Lube and Ledgeview’s relationship strong.

After many years of working together, they continue to flourish in the partnership.

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