Case Study/Success Story

Together with Ledgeview Partners and Microsoft Dynamics 365, Cadence Leasing improved their system organization to produce more effective outcomes.

How did it all happen?

When Bruce Humiston, Director of Sales and Marketing at Cadence Leasing, and his team decided they needed a new technological solution, they were looking for a system that would accomplish a few key objectives:

  • They needed a solution that would help them organize their leads, contacts, and prospects more effectively.
  • They wanted improved visibility into their sales pipeline.
  • And, they wanted to develop more efficient system management practices.

Due to their past experiences using other Microsoft applications, Humiston and his team leaned towards Microsoft Dynamics 365. After comparing leading solutions, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, Humiston and his team decided that Microsoft Dynamics 365 was favorable for its seamless compatibility with these other applications.

During the CRM evaluation phase of their project, Humiston considered marketing automation as part of their future state project outline. While this consideration would be addressed further down the line, he wanted to be sure he found a partner to accomodate both the CRM and marketing automation sides when the time came.

“I went to Ledgeview’s website, and I was favorably impressed by the webinars and expert knowledge they had,” Humiston says. “It was a feeling of helpfulness. As somebody coming from a significant sales and marketing viewpoint and not just an IT viewpoint, I saw this and thought it was critical to our success in using these products.”

Explore the benefits of this project, and learn more about how Cadence Leasing met their goals with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Ledgeview Partners when you read the complete case study here.

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