Dental Crafters Case Study with LedgeviewDental Crafters, LLC., the Northern half of Wisconsin’s prime resource and direct line to dentists, sought out Ledgeview to implement a Salesforce solution that would meet their needs.

Dental Crafters had a clear vision for what they wanted out of a CRM Solution.

“Being new to the CRM game, we wanted to talk with a rep about our options, what our best fit would be, and how to overcome ERP integration hurdles,” says Andrew Wilkins, General Manager at Dental Crafters.

Dental Crafters had a lot to consider with a CRM Solution, what with two sister companies in mind and a software they wanted to continue using moving forward, called LabTrac.

Though they had been using a software to manage what they needed out of Salesforce at first, Anne Weiler, Marketing Coordinator at Dental Crafters, says it wasn’t a true CRM system.

“There wasn’t a way for us to keep track of the information,” Weiler says. “We were looking for a comprehensive system reflective of our business approach.”

Dental Crafters wanted a solution that would meet their production standards and act as an essential sales tool.

Salesforce was more “practical in nature” as a solution, as it offers a seamless integration with LabTrac.

When it comes to Ledgeview, the shared local ideals between companies made a stunning impact on the partnership.

“We take pride in our Wisconsin roots,” Wilkins says. “We wanted a connection that shared our ideals and values. Ledgeview earned the account, and we got everything we paid for out of this partnership.”

Wilkins says the feelings Dental Crafters got from Ledgeview ahead of committing to a contract were carried forward as expected throughout the duration of the partnership.

“Having Ledgeview as partners through our CRM and Marketing Automation implementation was reassuring,” Wilkins says. “It helped with our confidence. We knew Ledgeview was a phone call away. Ledgeview understood who we were and what we wanted to get done. There was always a quick solution.”

“Ledgeview was our lifeline,” Weiler says.Ledgeview Partners Case Study

Now, more than 20% of Dental Crafters’ employees use Salesforce CRM. This impressive statistic is a reflection of how Dental Crafters uses Salesforce cross-departmentally.

Salesforce has become a core part of their business procedure and success.

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