Englefield Oil - Ledgeview Partners - Case StudyOnce Englefield Oil connected with Ledgeview Partners, there was an immediate synergy.

Both companies had a clear shared goal: to serve their customers in the best ways possible.

Englefield’s goal, in particular, with implementing a CRM was to understand and get more customer information.

Englefield Oil began back in 1961 in a basement where founder F.W. Englefield III and his wife managed the original three service stations. Over the years, the company has grown from those three stations to a billion-dollar company consisting of three divisions: Retail, Lubricants, and Fuel.

In 2018, the company now has 1,500 employees, 5 commercial stations, 7 fast food franchises, more than 100 vehicles, 119 Duchess convenience stores, and 4 bulk warehouses.

The Englefield team manages over 2,000 accounts daily. Despite these impressive numbers, Englefield Oil maintains their family values the company originated with.

As part of their growth, in September 2016, Englefield Oil’s Vice President and Head of the Lubricants Division, Mike Adkins, sought out Ledgeview Partners and their CRM for Oil and Gas solution, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, to help them develop their business and make their customer service model more effective and efficient through CRM implementation.

Adkins saw great potential to thrive in pairing Englefield Oil with a Business and Technology Consultant with years of experience in the oil, lubricant, and gas industries, which made the partnership powerful from the get-go. There was a clear mutual understanding.

While Adkins had experienced some “unfortunate” CRM consultations from companies he described as “purely transactional” and “vanilla,” he says Ledgeview Partners brought something special to the table they had not experienced before.

“Ledgeview’s CRM tool is plug and play. We’re so far past the typical sales rejection process of not wanting to use tools by working with Ledgeview,” Adkins says. 

CRM created impeccable value for Englefield Oil in that sales reps were able to more clearly see the history of a customer, bringing personal appeals to their sales processes.

As a people-focused company, the details have become invaluable as part of their daily business procedures.

The accessibility and visibility to multiple relevant team members have also set up the team for success.

“You’re taking a lot of customer knowledge and pulling it out of people’s heads,” Adkins says. “CRM never forgets.”

Find out exactly how much growth Englefield Oil experienced as a result of implementing Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil and Gas solution when you read the full case study here.

Englefield Oil - Ledgeview Partners - Case Study

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