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Fox Valley Technical College had a CRM system in the past, but were having difficulty with some of the automated processes that were setup in their system. This realization pushed them to move from a different CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

“We were having difficulty with reporting and how we were pulling data from our student registration system,” says Eric Drews, CRM Enrollment/Retention Analyst at FVTC.

During the evaluation phase of their CRM project, Fox Valley Technical College evaluated Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. With the nature of CRM’s scalability, Drews and his team considered different plug-ins, tools, and add-ons for the future state of their project.

“We wanted one of the bigger players in the marketplace, so we really only evaluated these two,” Drews says.

Lisa Schmid, Director of Enrollment Management at Fox Valley Technical College, says several groups at FVTC use Microsoft Dynamics, which helped them as they compared solutions – they had more users to add input.

“Our developers already knew how to work with Microsoft Dynamics, so the institutional knowledge that existed provided a leg up,” Drews says.

Fox Valley Technical College evaluated two leading solutions in the CRM marketplace today, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. When push came to shove, Microsoft Dynamics 365 made more sense for the college.

“It was pretty close, but the cost savings, integrations, with other Microsoft products, and our staff’s existing knowledge ultimately led us to decide on Dynamics,” Drews says.

Ledgeview presented their proposal for the project after FVTC put out an RFP, winning them over by highlighting the best practices for a successful project and showing the clearest path to resolution.

By working with Ledgeview Partners to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365, Fox Valley Technical College realized amazing benefits.

“Ledgeview has been a great partner, and I stress the word ‘great’,” Schmid says. “We tagged-team this effort, and we work with a lot of vendors – some are great and others not. Ledgeview is definitely great.”

Drews echoes Schmid’s sentiment.

“In addition to giving us a really good product, not to be cliché, but it was a really fun project,” Drews says. “All of the people we worked with at Ledgeview were fantastic!”

Learn all about what made the project successful when you read the full case study here.

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