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At the time Modern Woodmen decided to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 8.2 On-premises from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On-premises, they wanted to move out of their self-described “maintenance mode” and prevent themselves from falling behind with any future upgrades.

Modern Woodmen leaned on Ledgeview for help with their transition after establishing a business partnership of trust and collaboration with the firm’s experts.

When Modern Woodmen got to Ledgeview, they were looking for a partner to help them with all of their desired changes today and in the future. They needed a partner that could have open communication, ability to problem solve and really dive into a solution.

Ledgeview was a great fit for their business and culture values, making them a truly dynamic partner.

The initial project upgrade goals were to help Modern Woodmen move their forms over to a new system, and ensure everything was up and working. Through meeting these goals, the team was provided confidence from Ledgeview, knowing their servers were secure and performing as they should, and users were at ease.

Ledgeview’s positive attitude towards providing holistic Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions was a “big sell” for the team at Modern Woodmen.

“Ledgeview’s price point is fair,” Hamerlinck says. “They’re the Cadillac of CRM partners at a better price point. They offer premium resources without the premium price.”

User adoption is at the top of Hamerlinck’s mind in her management role. She unfurls this high value onto her team members with the help of Ledgeview’s ongoing support.

“Ledgeview helps ensure features like Advanced Find are there to help our users excel with their day-to-day marketing efforts,” Hamerlinck says. “They ensure the system is streamlined and responsive as much as possible.”

Hamerlinck explains that upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 8.2 On-premises will set them up to enhance their business relationships with their members.

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Ledgeview Partners Case Study

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