CASE STUDY: Morey’s Piers Goes from Outdated to Updated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online and Ledgeview Partners

Ledgeview Partners Case Study
Image Courtesy of Morey’s Piers

In 2018, Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Waterparks is celebrating its 50th season of operation.

Still, a family-owned business, with Will and Jack Morey as head of operations, the multi-facility entertainment, and resort venue have been a staple of the Jersey Shore experience for half a decade.

Morey’s Piers had been using on-premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 for many years, until gradually over time they saw a need to upgrade.

As the system was slowly no longer meeting their needs, they sought out other options over the course of three years to get them back on track.

Merideth Fiorucci, Director of Group Sales at Morey’s Piers, says the change was necessary for her team at the time of implementation.

From financial, resource investment, and technical standpoints, the timing was right.

“The system was becoming so antiquated and could no longer support what we needed to accomplish,” Fiorucci says.

Fiorucci says Morey’s Piers was “limping along” with CRM 4.0 for the past few years because they wanted to be sure the new solution they chose would be worth the capital investment.

Sandy Verzella, IT Manager at Morey’s Piers, was tasked with the evaluating a new CRM system and partner.

Together, Verzella and Fiorucci evaluated their CRM Users’ needs, and ultimately found what they were looking for in Ledgeview Partners and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online.

The team knew they wanted to stay within Microsoft’s realm of CRM, and found the commitment and focus in a partner they were looking for in Ledgeview.

“CRM 4.0 had been really good for us,” Fiorucci says. “It helped us manage everything from sales leads to invoicing to reports to accounting, but it was finally time to make the move.”

The foremost purpose of Morey’s Pier to upgrade their solution was to keep their system modern to meet industry demands.

With Ledgeview Partners and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online, Fiorucci and her team got the solution they were hoping for; one that increased the day-to-day efficiencies of their sales team (the primary CRM Users), makes invoicing and taxing easier and supplements Morey’s Piers’ accounting department.

“Sales is able to do a better job with lead-tracking in the new CRM environment,” Fiorucci says. “Upgrading was a necessary thing in order for us to respectively manage our business on the back end and interface effectively with accounting.”

Many key benefits came out of the project for Morey’s Piers that found thoroughness and fulfillment with their CRM project in Ledgeview Partners.

Positivity around the partnership and solution radiates in the moving parts of Morey’s Pier.

Discover how Ledgeview worked with Morey’s Piers to create a successful partnership.

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Ledgeview Partners Case Study

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