CASE STUDY: Parts Town Achieves Case Management Optimization with Salesforce and Ledgeview Partners

Salesforce Success Story

When Parts Town was looking for a new technology solution to advance and enhance their business processes, they evaluated a few different partners but had their eye on a specific solution for its industry notoriety – Salesforce.

Their primary objective and focus during the technology evaluation process was to find a way to manage their customer emails better and convert them from email-to-case.

Losing customer emails in Outlook was their biggest challenge, so they wanted a way to bring those messages into a customer relationship management platform in order to track account information better and resolve any ongoing issues with more effectiveness.

Having a company of almost 500 employees, case management optimization was a critical consideration.

Parts Town was able to resolve the issues they were experiencing by partnering with Salesforce and Ledgeview Partners.

Salesforce Email-to-Case helps users manage and resolve customer issues efficiently. The technology automatically creates cases and auto-populates case fields when customers send messages to the email addresses users specify.

Parts Town soon found out that Ledgeview Partners’ Salesforce Consultants offered equal operational efficiencies after running into them at a Salesforce-led networking event at the famous Dreamforce Conference. Pagano was quickly sold on the firm’s effectiveness.

In addition, Ledgeview’s business relationship with CDW (a provider of technology products and services for business, government and education) made them a stand-out.

“I liked that Ledgeview was close to us geographically, first of all, but also, long-term, outside of the Salesforce rollout, I was very happy that Ledgeview provides ongoing Ad-Hoc support, which I am taking full advantage of,” Pagano says.

Deadlines were met throughout the project. Pagano was especially impressed by the time Ledgeview’s Salesforce Consultants took to understand their industry and business functionality.

“Ledgeview opens themselves up to direct feedback from the team,” Pagano says. “It helps to keep everything on track and moving forward in the ways the project should with a focus on continuous testing and development.”

Ledgeview approached the Parts Town project by conducting desk shadows, digging into what the business processes for Parts Town looked like, before diving into the technology.

“Ledgeview knows what they’re doing,” Pagano says. “I was overly impressed that Ledgeview didn’t just hear I had a problem, but responded to my problems right away, and provided better solutions that addressed our long-term needs. Before you dive into Salesforce, it’s critical you develop a plan for your system and team before you start, and Ledgeview makes sure that’s what happens.”

Read the complete case study, and get the full project details, here.

Ledgeview Partners Case Study

If you are interested in learning more about how Ledgeview and Salesforce can help you use the system to address your unique goals and needs, reach out to our experts here. We’re eager to help you craft your success story!

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