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The growth of Safe Foods’ sales team prompted them to re-evaluate their free CRM solution, vTiger. During this evaluation period, they realized they needed a more complex system to accommodate the CRM fields they wanted to utilize that they weren’t able to with vTiger.

Safe Foods needed a new technological solution that was as committed to their business model as they were, which included special attention to their field service team and unique sales processes.

With their challenges, goals, and values in mind, Lawson Hembree, Strategic Marketing Manager at Safe Foods, and his team evaluated several new solutions. If the system did not offer a direct ERP integration, they steered away. Safe Foods put together two internal teams from their field service and sales departments to evaluate potential options before selecting a solution.

Hembree and his team considered and assessed the top two solutions on the market today: Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Since Ledgeview is a certified solutions consultant of both, it was an easy choice for the company to consult Ledgeview for its CRM project needs – present and ongoing.

The teams came to a consensus after deep evaluation that Salesforce was their best fit for its comprehensive field service and sales capabilities, and Ledgeview agreed after conducting their own analysis.

“We appreciated the balanced perspective Ledgeview had on Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365,” Hembree says. “We needed our CRM to be able to handle both sales and field service, which significantly narrowed our choices because many solutions do not offer both.”

Ledgeview’s wide range of expertise and resources sealed the deal with the company on their collaboration. Together in partnership with Ledgeview and Salesforce, Safe Foods was poised to transform their sales and field service operations to create more effective outcomes.

Learn how Salesforce became Safe Foods’ best new tool in collaboration with Ledgeview. Discover how the project’s lasting benefits have helped to transform Safe Foods’ sales processes and field service as the company evolves.

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