Ledgeview Partners Case Study

Before deciding on Salesforce and Ledgeview Partners, The Alamo Area Rape Crisis Center was experiencing key business and technology challenges that needed a smooth solution.

The team at the crisis center works heavily with data management, due to the nature of their crisis hotline.

As they were getting more calls due to partnership expansions with more facilities, they needed a more effective way to track where calls were coming from.

In addition, they needed a user-friendly option for their staff that would make it easy to train new call center reps, and help them feel confident while managing sensitive conversations.

Center leadership wanted a solution that ensured reps were not spending too much time learning the technology or feeling distracted by complicated functionalities.

In the past 10 years, the center had been using an access database to suit their needs, but, in 2017, they realized it was no longer doing the job.

These challenges in mind, the center gravitated towards Ledgeview and Salesforce for a few key reasons.

Not only did Ledgeview and Salesforce fit into their grant applications and budget, but also met all of their user and caller needs.

“Ledgeview was very helpful in explaining everything that has to do with Salesforce with us as far as why and how they were creating it during the implementation phase,” says Denisse Garcia, Crisis Intervention Specialist Lead at The Alamo Area Rape Crisis Center. “Our deadlines were met 100%.”

“I can’t say there’s anything Ledgeview could’ve done better. It all flowed very smoothly. It was very organized, and Ledgeview helped us realize what we did and didn’t need.”

Alison Hom, PREA Support Hotline Coordinator concurs.

“Ledgeview was able to save us time and money with their analyses,” Hom says. “Ledgeview helped us maintain anonymity and confidentiality via our hotline in a different way than we expected in Salesforce, which worked just as effectively as the higher-cost option we originally proposed.”

Case Study with Ledgeview Partners

These benefits were just the start of this strong partnership.

Learn more about what makes it a success when you read the complete case study, here.

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