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Years ago, Valley Pacific Petroleum Services chose Salesforce.com as their business and technology solution due to the fact that it was largely supported by Project Transform, a Chevron-led industry initiative to enable digital transformation among jobbers.

As Valley Pacific implemented and adopted Salesforce, they were struggling to gain high and continuous user adoption.  Geoff Howard, Fuels Marketing Manager at Valley Pacific Petroleum, reports the main struggle was the lack of buy-in from key stakeholders.

“Key decision-makers at our company didn’t have buy-in on Salesforce,” Howard says. “If you don’t have buy-in from the top-down, user adoption is very difficult to implement.”

In addition, the robustness of Salesforce proved to be a double-edged sword for Valley Pacific due to its complexities.  “Our decision to change solutions escalated,” Howard says.

From discussion with other jobbers and continued marketing efforts, they continued to hear about Ledgeview’s plug-and-play solution tailored to the Oil and Gas industry.  After thorough evaluation of other top vendors, they made the decision to move to Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil and Gas product powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 to solve their ongoing challenges.

“Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil and Gas platform met our specific needs and was used by respected counterparts in the industry,” Howard says.

The product’s notable industry reputation helped Howard and team feel assured they were making the right decision for their team in moving solutions.

Howard says Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil and Gas product piqued his interest with its ability to provide customer intelligence, opportunity and pipeline management, and sales growth.

Ledgeview Partners provided Valley Pacific with a clear view into their sales pipeline, the ability to identify needs, ongoing support, and much more.

Get the full story and learn all about the benefits Valley Pacific Petroleum Services realized after implementing Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil & Gas Product here.

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