What are Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Hubs?

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Hubs are another (alternate) way your team can access important data in the system. Different Hubs are available, based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM subscription you have. Previously, Hubs were identified under the Customer Service Hub and

What are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps?

Apps are typically identified as software used on a smartphone or mobile device, such as Android, iPhone, or a tablet. However, in Microsoft Dynamics 365, the word “App” is used in a very carefree way that expands beyond the mobile

What is a 1:N Relationship in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM?

There are three different types of relationships within Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM: 1-to-many (1:N) relationships, many-to-1 (N:1) relationships, and many-to-many (N:N) relationships. 1-to-many, or 1:N relationships, are used when you are creating a relationship between two entities where there are multiple records from one