What is Power BI?

In a recent 2018 Ledgeview Partners webinar survey, approximately 40% of respondents said they’ve worked in Power BI before, while about 60% said they haven’t or weren’t sure if they’ve worked in it (3% were unsure, to be exact). These

Top 22 eBooks of 2018

This December, Ledgeview Partners is bringing you a series of recaps that show the Top 10 Most Popular posts on our blog, under a variety of categories. We are also bringing you other top content lists (like this one) that expand upon

Happy Thanksgiving

Ledgeview Partners is grateful for our customers, and readers like you. Today, our family wishes you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. Because of the holidays, Ledgeview Partners will be closed: Thursday, November 22nd Friday, November 23rd Monday, December 24th Tuesday,