UR18 for Dynamics CRM 2011 Released

Another busy week for the product team with the latest release of Update Rollup 18 (UR18) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Even with the release of CRM 2015 looming it’s great to see 2011 still actively being worked on and

Service Pack 1 for Dynamics CRM 2013 Released

The Dynamics CRM 2013 spring update codenamed “Leo” is wrapping up deployment worldwide. Online organizations will automatically have the updates applied that fix the 50+ items addressed in this release. In order to access the new customer service related features,

UR17 for Dynamics CRM 2011 Released

Update rollup 17 was released on 5/8/2014 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On Premise customers. The big bullet point in this release is support for Internet Explorer 11.  This is great news for those users on the bleeding edge who