Salesforce1-Mobile-APP-NVMTired of seeing all the menu items in the Salesforce1 mobile menu? Wish there was a better way to organize it? Well, contrary to popular belief, there is!

The objects in the left menu on the Salesforce1 app may appear random, and to some degree they are, but with a little knowledge, you’ll understand why they are there and how you can control them.

Currently, the Salesforce1 menu organizes itself, per user, based on frequency and recency of object visits. This is standard functionality and cannot be changed (you can vote on the idea of allowing users or an admin to change the menu by visiting this post on the Salesforce Idea Exchange).

What you can change, however, is whether or not an object appears in the menu at all.

The visibility of an object in the Salesforce1 app is controlled through its tab settings. Tab settings specify when and how a tab will appear to a user. Tab settings can be modified both at the profile level, as well as in Permission Sets, although what they are named differ between the two configuration areas.

Tabs have three settings:

  • Default Off
  • Default On
  • Tab Hidden (poof!)

In Classic, these settings control when a user will see a tab in their top menu or have access to a tab from the “+” (more information on that in Salesforce Help) but when it comes to Salesforce1, it only controls if a user will see the menu item.

Salesforce1 menu change

From the Salesforce1 perspective, it does not matter if a tab is set to ‘Default Off’ or ‘Default On’ – the menu item will be present and visible in the mobile app. Only when a tab is set to ‘Tab Hidden’ will it be completely removed from the Salesforce1 mobile menu.

Keep in mind, making a tab hidden does not mean the user will not have access to the records in that object (that is still controlled via your Organizational Wide Defaults and Sharing Settings). It will only remove quick access to that object via the tab, or in our case, the Salesforce1 menu, as well as hide record search results of that object.

If your users still need to search for records in that object on their mobile device, then hiding the tab may not be an option.

But if it’s all just clutter to them, pull out your wand and start making those tabs vanish!

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