crmEver run into one of those situations where the label for a field is longer than usual in Dynamics CRM? In these situations the width of the field is cut off only showing the beginning of the label. For today’s tip we have the below instructions on how to increase that label width to show the whole label of a field on a form. You must have customization privileges to do this so send to your Dynamics CRM admin if you want this updated!


1. Open the form that contains the field you want to increase the label width for.

2. Click on the FORM button in the ribbon


3. Locate the section that the field is located in, and select it. Then click the Change Properties button in the ribbon to change the section properties


4. Locate the Field Label Width section on the “Display” tab


5. The default width you start with is 115. You will need to increase this number as needed until the field label has been displayed in its entirety. Note – the maximum width allowed is 250. For this example, 160 was enough to display the full label on the form.


6. Be sure to save and publish your changes!

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