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The best way to be the most effective with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is to be efficient with your CRM use.

Knowing CRM inside and out means we also know best practices, tips, and tricks to make you a real CRM pro.

Today we are going to talk about:

Changing ownership for accounts, contacts and all other records belonging to a CRM user.

Ownership for each account and contact in CRM is always assigned to a specific CRM user. There are many reasons and advantages for doing this. Among them are assigning sales and marketing tasks and responsibilities to an individual salesperson, securing sensitive data, and sales pipeline reporting.

But to maintain these advantages, it’s important to make sure that accurate ownership is maintained too. Sometimes, this can mean assigning just a small number of accounts or contacts to other users.

But there are also times such as the departure of a salesperson or territory reorganization, when all records including accounts and contacts need to be transferred to another user or team, so that they can take over responsibility for their development.

On those occasions, the best practice is to use a feature of CRM’s System Administration User Management capabilities.

This tip will show you how to transfer ownership for all records belonging to a user with just a few mouse clicks.

Here is how easy it is! Just 6 clicks and you are done!

  • On the Navigation Bar, Click Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Click Settings (figure 1)
  • Click Administration (figure 2)
  • Click Users (figure 3)
  • Select a User and click edit (figure 4)
  • Click Reassign Records (figure 5)

From here all Contacts, Accounts and other records assigned to this user may be assigned to the User, a different User, or a Team

change ownership fig 1 & 2

change ownership fig 3 & 4

change ownership fig 5

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