Security (2)Within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, organizations can create silos where users can only see the data that they have entered. There is a pretty straight forward approach to setting this up. An Admin with the appropriate access can change the settings accordingly and this can be done by going to Settings->Security-> Security Roles.

Dynamics Security Role 1

Dynamics Security Role 2

For this exercise we will be modifying the Salesperson role. We would recommend to never modify the out of the box security role but instead make a copy of the oob role and rename it. You can do this by selecting the role that you would like to modify and then click on the actions button and select copy role.

Dynamics Security Role 3

How to interpret the security settings:

When you look at the screen shot below it may appear as though there is just a series of random bubbles color coded with nonsense, however this is actually a breakdown of the security settings in Dynamics CRM.

Levels of Security

Levels of Security

Types of Security

Types of Security

Security Roles

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