Common Objections Inside Sales Reps

Common Objections Inside Sales Reps Face

As an inside sales rep working on a lead generation program, you’ll hear “no” a lot. It’s inevitable! Still, you shouldn’t be discouraged.

In this post, we share some of the most proactive ways you can address the “no”s and turn them into opportunities.

Objection #1: “I already have a supplier.”

This is one you’ll hear often! As an inside sales rep, if you hear your lead say this to you, follow-up with questions like:

  • Can I ask who you are using?
  • How is their service?
  • or – When is the last time you switched suppliers?

This will help you identify if there’s a window for them to switch to you (now or in the future), and if they’re happy with their current supplier.

So, even if it doesn’t turn into a sale, you have the opportunity to learn and improve your dialogue for future calls.


Common Objections Inside Sales Reps

Common Objections Inside Sales Reps Face

Objection #2: “I am busy – can you send me something?”

This is another common objection you’ll frequently hear as an inside sales rep working on a lead generation program. When you hear this from a lead, respond with the following:

  • We have a lot of materials. What would you specifically like more information on?
  • I understand you’re busy; when is a good time to call you back?

This will help you establish a sense of reliability and professionalism with your lead. Even though they may not be able to talk now or may not be ready to buy now, you’re setting a good foundation for future business and are adding credibility to your professional reputation.

Objection #3: “Where did you get my information? Why are you contacting me?”

Some leads you talk to might be initially defensive about their information, and, more so, where you got it. The reality is that a majority of people don’t like talking to sales reps. When you run into this situation, respond with the following:

  • We work with lots of “x” (industry name) clients, and I thought there may be an opportunity to partner with you.

Be honest about where you retrieved information. Transparency and trust set the foundation for a reliable and successful partnership, whether it starts to mold now or in the future.

This response also adds relevance and helps to create a backstory to your potential business relationship.

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Common Objections Inside Sales Reps

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