In the recent CRM 2016 Update 1 from Microsoft Dynamics, the product team added a new feature “Company News Timeline for Phones and Tablets“.  This allows Dynamics CRM users to gain insight from the latest news about their customers and prospects (or competitors, centers of influence and others) on their phone or tablet in an organized, categorized feed inline while viewing accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities.

While many organizations have already benefited from the use of Insights powered by InsideView for news and buzz about customers and accounts, the feature was not very practical for phone and tablet use.

This new feature with CRM Update 1, allows mobile users to view news related to an Account, Lead, Contact or Opportunity in the CRM app on his or her mobile device.

Check out this quick promo video from Microsoft Dynamics that features Company News Timeline

To get this feature, one would have to have to be a Global Administrator in your organization’s environment.


Note: When you install a solution, your CRM Online site is taken offline in maintenance mode for a short time. We recommend you install the solution when it’s least disruptive to users.

  • Under Admin Center Click on CRM.
  • Under Manage all CRM instances, select the instance in which we want to install the solution.
  • Select Solutions
  • This Screenshot shows the list of solutions that are either installed or uninstalled.
  • Select the Company News Timeline solution, and then click Install.
  • Proceed through Terms of service to accept the terms.
  • Once the installation is completed, Users can view the news related to Account, Contact, Lead and Opportunity in CRM Mobile App.

After Install:

company-news-crm2Once installed Mobile users can got to Active News on any Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity.  It does take a moment for news to load the first time looking at an account.

In the meantime, there is a Bing search button to quickly search before the data is populated. This will open a Bing search in the devices default browser.

This Bing only search option can also happen at times when a company is private or smaller; however, could still have some news located through a regular search engine search.


company-news-crm3This view to the left, is for Microsoft Corporation at the account level.

News is put in timeline order which includes the headline, date and time, and source of the article.

One example here is “Is Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) the Next Apple?” from Investor Place from 54 minutes ago.

Clicking on the article will open the mobile device’s default browser. Clicking back from on your device takes you back into CRM from the article.

Topic Questions:

company-news-crm4Each news article is categorized automatically and placed into different topics. At the top of the screen you can change from topics all to one of the other topic categories.

Some categories include cost cutting, new offerings, management changes, legal issues, and growth.

In the example above, Microsoft was filtered to acquisitions and you will see that recently Microsoft acquired an AI scheduling tool that showed up across multiple news outlets.

Notice Regarding Data Privacy:

Once you enable the Company News Timeline solution, Customer Data from the address, name, and industry fields of your account records will be directed to Bing. Hence, the Customer Data sent to Bing (a consumer service) will be subject to the Microsoft Online Services Privacy Statement. Installation of this solution means that you agree for sending this limited set of data to the Bing service. Data sent to Bing will be stripped of your company’s information and stored for diagnostics purposes. The solution can be uninstalled at any time to discontinue use of this functionality. (Microsoft, 2016)

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