It is really hard to believe that the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2014 conference was 2 months ago already. It seems like only a few short days ago that I was surrounded by 12,199 eager attendees ready to learn, network and have a little bit of FUN.

In the last two months, many a blog has been written about the all the amazing user sessions that were hosted, the trade show experience center that seemed to go on forever (I hope we got the chance to meet at our Ledgeview booth and talk CRM), intriguing keynote speakers and of course the band FUN.

Being a marketing guy and a lover of trade shows where I get to meet so many new people, I was engulfed in conversation with some awesome CRM clients of ours and was unable to make it to the keynote addresses done by Biz Stone and Arianna Huffington. But what I learned later that night was at the keynote, Microsoft ran a 4 minute video clip that gave a great overview of Convergence (so far) and the experiences people are having through education and networking. I missed it, and really really wanted to see it! 

So, after bugging the great folks at Microsoft & the wonderful organizers of Convergence for several weeks they were gracious enough to post the video on YouTube. Or they finally tired of my constant emails asking about it. Either way, I am happy that now millions of viewers can see what 12,200 attendees got to experience.

Here at Ledgeview Partners we are already looking forward to Convergence 2015 back in Atlanta (March 16-19, 2015) and brainstorming how we top our ‘Green Man’ attraction (who you can see at 2:27 in the video).

Let us know if you made the video or someone you know!

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