It looks like everyone had so much fun in Atlanta, GA during Convergence 2014 that Microsoft decided to hold the event there again in 2015. If you just attended the event and missed out on seeing the sites in Atlanta or are planning on attending for the first time, mark your 2015 calendar for March 16 (a Monday) through March 19 (a Thursday) for the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2015 conference. 

Conv15-JoinUs in Atlanta

At Ledgeview Partners we’re excited be heading back to Atlanta next year! Not quite as excited as we would have been to go to San Diego (ocean views, awesome Mexican food) or Las Vegas (come on, who doesn’t love Vegas) but more excited than a trip to Chicago (still pretty cold in March) – a place many thought Convergence 2015 would be, based on the rumors floating around this past month. As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Partner and a member of the Inner Circle, we love Convergence because it gives us the opportunity to interact with and get feedback from real CRM users and members of the Dynamics community. We believe that by listening and acting on that feedback, both the good and the bad, will help us grow as an organization and continue to be one of the top Dynamics CRM partners in the world.

So what’s happening in 2015? In 2012 the reported attendance was around 10,000 people, 2013 around 11,000 and this past year in 2014 attendance was in the neighborhood of 12,000 people. So the question is, what new and exciting things will Microsoft have that will push the attendance up to 13,000 in 2015? How about the opening keynote by Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella? Will we see Cortana, (Microsoft’s new personal digital assistant) integrated into a global search in Dynamics CRM 2013? Or maybe a custom AX 2012 app that runs on Windows 8, Windows Phone, and the Xbox One? Some of these might be unlikely, but based on the announcements from this month’s Build conference it’s a possibility.

All we know is we can’t wait! The countdown to Convergence 2015 has officially begun!

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