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Do you ever wish you could have a one-off workflow that you can control when it runs instead of having to setup a workflow with a trigger? Using on-demand workflows in Microsoft Dynamics 365 will allow you to run processes and/or update data without relying on a workflow trigger. This can also be run independent of other processes.

  • Navigate to Settings -> Process -> Click the new Button

  • Enter Process name
  • Select Category = workflow
  • Select Entity to run on

On-Demand 2

  • Click to convert to a real-time workflow
  • Click to set as on demand process

On-Demand 3

  • Click “Add Step”
  • Select update record
  • Click set properties and define what field is to be changed

On-Demand 4

  • At the top of the screen click on the “Activate” button
  • When prompted click “Activate”

On-Demand 5

  • Navigate to the advanced find
  • Filter the criteria to your desired results
  • Click results

On-Demand 6

  • Select the records you want to update
  • Click “Run Workflow” button

On-Demand 7

  • Select the workflow to run
  • Click “Add” button
  • Confirm popup click OK

On-Demand 8

  • Navigate to advanced find
  • Search for results for the updates just made
  • Confirm that they have been updated

Now your On-Demand workflow should be all setup and working. Interested in getting updates on new features and tips for Microsoft Dynamics 365? Or maybe you have some questions you want answered? Be sure to view our archive of Dynamics 365 user groups and be sure to register for our next user group webinar and submit any Dynamics 365 related questions to see them answered live on April 20th!

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