Demo Sales Rep DashboardCRM users love Dashboards. In fact it is very easy to go overboard and get a little dashboard crazy.

Not only can they be colorful and inviting, but they pack an amazing amount of information into an easy, accessible and interactive view that gives the user a quick visual snapshot to stay on top of their business performance.

This original content stemmed from one of our most popular sessions at our CRM Conference last fall “Creating Highly Effective Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics CRM” and is presented by two of our Dynamics CRM certified experts here at Ledgeview Partners.

In this quick video tutorial, we are going to focus on creating an effective Dashboard for a Sales Representative but also discuss the strategy behind building useful dashboards that make sense for the business and your role.

What you will learn in this demonstration:

  • How to create charts and tips on naming charts.
  • How easy it is to build sales rep opportunity performance dashboards that are commonly used. Examples include Opportunity Duration by Stage in the Pipeline, Opportunities Closing in the Next 25 Days, Tracking Goals – Actual vs Goal, Sales by Brand or Product, Lead Analysis and more.

Dashboard in Dynamics CRM

  • Learn how to use Dashboards to monitor when action and follow up is required.
  • Easily visualize how sales are trending for a specific brand or product.
  • Use of iFrames in Dashboards
    • How to extend your dashboard beyond six frames and embed another dashboard within your dashboard. Microsoft gives you limits, but we show you how to easily exceed those limits.
    • Plan your sales calls with a territory mapping dashboard. This one is super cool, but is beyond what a standard CRM user can create out of the box.

Territory Mapping and Q4 Brand Focus

After watching this video, I think you will go a little dashboard crazy. But be careful. Too many dashboards can create inefficiencies so make sure that the charts, views, reports and dashboards that you create all have a purpose.

…and stay tuned to this blog for our Sales Manager Dashboard video tutorial.

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