Creating Confident Customer Service Reps: Empowering Your Team to Succeed

Standardizing policies is one of the best ways to empower your Customer Service team to succeed, grow and improve.

It is especially important for your Customer Service team to have standardized policies for Issue Resolution.

That way, when complaints come in, your reps can follow procedures in a consistent way.

When you as a Manager notice commonalities in the ways your team effectively resolves issues, write them down in your standardized procedures and advocated for them within your Customer Service team.

Let your Customer Service Reps settle cases within a defined threshold.

Give them this list of procedurals, but also leave room for them to use their own ways and personalities to create resolutions.

Enable them to finish their first call resolutions individually.

Allowing for a little wiggle room identifies leaders within your team. They may also find even better ways to resolve issues that you may not have thought of before.

Do not fear leaving steps somewhat open to interpretation.

Empowering your Customer Service team with self-thought encourages your business evolution.

Another way to empower and create confident customer service reps is to ask for their feedback. Implement their ideas. This is their team and they play a crucial role. As a manager, you know that together you are a driving force and even stronger.

Ask for them to share ideas during group or individual coaching sessions. Don’t be afraid to test out new methods they may share.

Celebrate your Customer Service Reps’ successes along the way. When they fail, encourage them to learn. Allow them to see opportunities in their failures to become better and understand where they can improve.

When it comes down to it, Customer Service Managers should always be empowering their reps to increase first call resolution, customer satisfaction, CSR job satisfaction, and create buy-in!

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