crmThere are 2 main types of marketing lists you can create in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Static and Dynamics. We recently covered how you create a static marketing list and today we are going to switch gears and go over a dynamic marketing list example.

Dynamic marketing lists are extremely useful when you want the list to automatically update based on advanced find criteria you can set. So as new leads/contacts/accounts/etc meet the criteria or no longer meet the advanced find criteria they are automatically added or removed from the list.

1. Open Marketing Lists

Dynamics List 1

2. Click New

Dynamic List 2

3. Name the Marketing List, change List Type to Dynamic, Targeted At Account, and hit Save.

Dynamic List 3

4. Once saved, add Members to the Marketing List.

Dynamic List 4

5. You will then select the criteria through an advanced find to add all members to the list that are found by the criteria you select.

Dynamic List 5

6. You can click Find to test your query and see how many members have been added then Click use query to set your dynamic list.


Once you select ‘Use Query” your dynamics marketing list is now active and will automatically adjust as Leads/Contacts/Accounts meet or no longer meet that advanced find criteria.

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