crmThere are 2 types of marketing lists in Dynamics CRM, Dynamic and Static. Today we will go over creating a Static Marketing list. Static lists have to manually have names added or removed from them where Dynamics lists automatically are updated based on an advanced find.

To create a static marketing list, first navigate to your marketing list tab.

Static List 1

2. Click New

Static List 2

3. Name the Marketing List, change List Type to Static, Targeted At to Contact or Leads, and hit Save. (Those are Required Fields before you can save)

Static List 3

4. Once saved, add Members

Static List 4

5. You can add contacts or leads either using lookup or an advanced find. (In this instance we will use lookup)

Static List 5

6. Add the contacts or leads to your list. Those names will always be on the static list unless you remove them manually. The list won’t change or update unless you or someone manually changes it.

Static List 6

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