clockIf you’ve ever tried to set a task reminder through a Workflow or Process Builder in Salesforce, you know how frustrating it can be to get the timing just right.

If you simply add a date to your task reminder, your Salesforce users (by default) will see a reminder pop up the evening before the actual date!

Whenever the system auto-generates a time value, it is created based on the GMT zone (Greenwich Meridian Time).  If you are based in the United States, this means that when a time value is created by the system without a specific time, it is set to 12:00:00AM GMT, which is 4-9 hours ahead of the US time zones!

Don’t worry, your users don’t have to deal with those 11pm task reminder alerts from their phones anymore.

To compensate for this, you’ll need to pass a time in your formula or process, in GMT, before Salesforce converts it into a date/time.  How many hours ahead can be determined by using a handy time zone tool, like

Once you know how many hours ahead or behind of GMT your time zone is (CDT – Central Daylight Time – is -5 GMT) you can add the inverse of that number to the time that you wish to have your reminder set.  So if you want a reminder set for 9:30AM CDT, you would need to use (9.5+5=14.5) 14:30:00 as your time value (DATETIMEVALUE accepts a 24 hour time value, so you don’t need to worry about an AM/PM designation).

Since DATETIMEVALUE accepts text as an expression, we can use an existing date value that Salesforce provides and add the time onto the end of it, creating a date/time string that will then be converted back into the proper format.  You can use the shorthand TODAY(), or reference another date field on your record, such as CreatedDate, or LastModifiedDate.

In our example of setting a due date 7 days from now, along with a reminder at 9:30AM CDT, our formula for the Reminder Date/Time field would look like this:

DATETIMEVALUE(TEXT(TODAY()+7) + ” 14:30:00″)

Salesforce task reminder process builder

Now that you understand how Salesforce tracks time at a system level, you can start setting reminder times that make sense for your users on automated tasks!

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