Crisis Management Best Practices for Inside Sales

Crisis Management Best Practices for Inside Sales

In times of crisis, field sales may be mimicking the role of inside sales, and a large part of their functionality will shift remotely.

COVID-19 has pushed this shift significantly.

Since they can’t go out and visit their customers In times of crisis, they may need training and equipment to be more effective.

This may require them to spend more time with inside sales via remote connections.

Field sales can’t just jump right into inside sales functionality without proper training. They are very different animals.

Web conferencing in times of crisis should also be maximized as much as possible, both for internal and customer meetings.

Customers can’t take visitors, and you want to keep everyone safe.

One of the best ways to maintain your account base and even win some new customers is to be immediately available now.

Customers don’t have the time to call back in times of crisis. Be ready for every call and opportunity. Don’t let your competition take over. Click To Tweet

Have a strategy to augment your overall sales activity with inside sales. Sit down with your team, from your sales reps to inside sales to sales managers, and develop your strategy.

In times of crisis, some businesses will be able to stay up and running in full-capacity, while others may be completely shut down. Support them. Listen to their needs. Empathize with the situation at hand. It’s about putting people first.

Do everything you can to support those who are operating in full-capacity and be transparent about their needs in times of crisis.

Conversely, if you have a customer who is completely shut-down, learn more about their industry and identify when you can support them and how. If they’re not ordering as much, reduce your own sales costs and let inside sales take over where possible.

Be mindful of the situation at hand and how it impacts the business process and people involved with that process, from your team to theirs, to everyone in-between.

Adopt a new normal with them.

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