Are you worried about contacts changing companies, and what this will do to your CRM system and processes?

How many times have you had one of your customer contacts leave that company and go to a competitor in the same industry? It happens quite frequently. There is a good chance that the new employer is also a customer of yours (or hopefully at least a prospect).

You do not want to lose history under the old account in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but want to keep the information tied to the contact (with their new employer) as well. Just changing the account on the contact record will bring the activity records tied on that contact to the new account when they should stay on the old account.

This is a common issue in B2B scenarios.

But lucky for you, there is a simple solution in Dynamics CRM. Follow these steps to adjust for contacts changing companies:

  1. Create new contact under the new account.
  2. Deactivate the old contact under the previous account.
  3. Create a connection between the new contact record and the previous account as a former employee. This will keep a link between the contact to the previous account. This will provide a quick link back to the history of the previous account.
  4. Alternatively: Create a new connection role called Same Person and connect the new contact record and old keeping a quick link back to the old contact record’s history and account.

   –  Contacts Changing CompaniesContacts Changing Companies –  Contacts Changing Companies

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