In this quick 8-minute demo, get a peak at how to Capture Share of Wallet in your CRM for Oil & Gas environment. Utilize your system in full-capacity! CRM for Oil & Gas by Ledgeview Partners is the nationwide-preferred solution for lubricant marketers across the nation. Among its product features, including Share of Wallet, users benefit from:

  • Back office accounting software integration
  • Interactive dashboards and reports
  • Goal planning
  • Gap to goal analysis
  • Territory planning and mapping
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Cross-sell/Suggestive sell
  • Easy-to-access 360-degree view of your customers
  • Loaned equipment tracking
  • Fuel price notifications
  • Opportunity management and business processes
  • CRM for retail fuels (add-on)

>> Learn more about how to use your CRM for Oil & Gas product in full capacity, and why your industry peers love it here.

Watch the webinar on How to Capture Share of Wallet below. Send this link to your colleagues so they can benefit too.

Are you currently seeking and capturing Share of Wallet opportunities?

Whether you are talking to an active prospect or a current customer a good salesperson typically asks and finds out which of their competitors have the business today. That might be for a specific product segment or even a department.

How are you currently tracking (or taking advantage of) these future opportunities?

In this short demonstration video, you can see how we developed an industry-specific solution to track and manage your Share of Wallet Opportunities in CRM for Oil & Gas.

Download the tip sheet to learn more here!

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