Case-Study-Gears-with-Border-300x184When evaluating CRM solutions either to implement or to improve at your organization, one of the best research methods is to see how other companies are using those tools successfully. Asking the question of what solution they went with, why they went with it, what partner they chose (and why) and finally how the heck they got everyone in the company to drink the CRM Kool-Aid.

Like many small manufacturing companies across the country, Powell Fabrication and Manufacturing had no system in place to visualize and manage their sales pipeline., standardize processes or to create internal efficiencies.

They did have an ERP system that worked well for them and like many ERP solutions it did have a “CRM component”, but not one that was effective for their needs and daily challenges.

Sound familiar? It’s a story we have heard time and time again at Ledgeview.

Powell had four specific challenges they needed a CRM solution to address and more importantly solve.

    • Create a more efficient way to process and track opportunities generated via their website.
    • Develop a better way to track quotes generated for custom systems.
    • Standardize management of highly engineered projects, including assigning personnel and resources.
    • Generate a standardized means for engineers to manage issues with the manufacturing process and create engineering reviews.

Powell turned to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Ledgeview Partners to check off every box (and then some) from their list.

Implementing Dynamics CRM really opened their eyes to the possibilities that CRM offers and while additional phases are already in the works and on the road map, here are some of the features that were implemented and are changing the way they do business and communicate with their customers.

    • Lead verification workflows to ensure compliance with stringent export control regulations prior to assignment of a sales rep.
    • Processes and systems for quicker response to customers and leads
    • A standardized and trackable sales process using milestones and workflows that bring consistency and results.
    • “Powell Projects” – an automated project management system for their highly engineered manufacturing process to ensure that critical steps are not overlooked on these custom projects.
    • Streamlined Powell’s Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process with CRM Cases.
    • Integration with Powell’s ERP to provide sales, marketing, finance and personnel with a 360 degree view of customers.
    • And the list goes on…

Read the full Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing CRM Success Story and see how implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM has generated over $46 million of new opportunities since going live.

We work with a lot of manufacturing companies  – in fact, we developed a CRM specifically for manufacturers that will get you to where you need to go faster, right out-of-the-box. All powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Contact us if you want to take a look at what we build. We are proud of it and would love to hear what you think.

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