Vital Decisions Sees Success with Microsoft Dynamics and Ledgeview

Vital Decisions Sees Success with Microsoft Dynamics and Ledgeview

Vital Decisions’ name perfectly sums up what they’re all about. Simply put, they exist to help people facing advanced illnesses make their values and wishes known to the people around them providing their care.

The company employs around 180 masters-level counselors (Specialists) who work directly with the members of the insurance companies that hire Vital Decisions.

Specialists walk members through a series of planning sessions to identify their values and their thoughts around communicating their wishes to their families. It’s important, sensitive work that requires compassion, patience, and a pretty complex CRM system to keep all the details straight while still keeping things efficient.

Vital Decisions weren’t new to CRM. They were already using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 as their CRM underneath the behavioral health product they were using.

Because of their experience with Dynamics, Tina Cavaliere, Vital Decisions’ Director of IT & Security, and her team decided that upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 On-Premise was an obvious choice.

The company put out a request for proposals and ultimately chose Ledgeview Partners to help them customize their new Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.

Cavaliere explains, “They clearly understood what we wanted to do. We loved the approach they outlined. They just got it, as complex as this was.”

Ledgeview created a design document that outlined the phases required to achieve Vital Decisions’ vision for their new system and got to work.

Cavaliere comments, “I had no reservations about the execution between our two teams. Furthermore, there was no time in that process where I regretted the decision to bring in Ledgeview. They understood our business and even learned our terminology. We’ve made them honorary employees.”

Vital Decisions went live with their new system in July. “This is the smoothest conversion that I’ve ever been through,” explains Cavaliere. “Better yet, people are really excited about using the new system.”

Read the full success story and learn how Vital Decisions upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 On-Premise and worked with Ledgeview Partners to achieve success.

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