Toastmasters Drives Digital Transformation Presented by Ledgeview Partners

If you’re attending CRMUG Summit 2018 next week, from Oct. 15 – 18, you’ll want to add this Ledgeview Partners educational session, “Toastmasters Drives Digital Transformation” to your schedule.

Under the User Adoption track, you’re bound to discover so many ways that customers use CRM to find success.

How you find success with CRM depends on your organization, goals, experience, system, willingness to grow and develop with CRM, and, (arguably) most of all, your CRM partner.

In this Ledgeview Partners session, Julinda Prekop, Senior Account Executive at Ledgeview Partners, will take you under her wing with Toastmasters representation to show you how, together with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, they found their ultimate success.

In this session, you will learn …

  • About the power of using CRM in non-traditional ways
  • How to optimize and expand the powers of CRM to XRM
  • How super customizable and limitless with potential that CRM truly is
  • From the mouth of the customer on how digital transformation was delivered by CRM

Toastmasters collaborated with Ledgeview to expand their CRM to XRM, enabling its global member base.

How Toastmasters has worked with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM and Ledgeview Partners will open your eyes to the potential CRM (or XRM) has for your own business.

See how Toastmasters is using CRM as their central hub for interactions, data, campaigns, and much, much more during this unique session.

Join us at location 222A at 11:15 a.m. on Wed. Oct. 17 for “Toastmasters Drives Digital Transformation”.

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