The Situation

Cummins-Wagner opened its doors back in 1960. The company, started by Charlie Cummins and Chub Wagner, began its life as a one-product, two-man operation based in a single small room. Humble beginnings, to be sure.

The company’s focus on delivering great customer service got the attention of major equipment manufacturers, and before long, Cummins Wagner was adding their products to its offering, spurring continued growth.

Today, Cummins-Wagner supplies equipment and supporting services in eight different states, with markets made up of industrial, commercial and municipal customers.

The company continues to grow organically, but they’ve also grown through acquisition. In fact, the 2008 acquisition of a company in New York is the reason Cummins-Wagner decided to overhaul its CRM security model.

2012.09-18 Arubis - Vanessa & Ed 003As it turns out, the New York division was the only part of Cummins-Wagner using a CRM system at the time. They were running Lotus Notes with a bolt-on CRM module. Cummins-Wagner decided to migrate New York away from Notes, transitioning them to a Microsoft product, since the rest of Cummins-Wagner was firmly planted in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Once New York was transitioned to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Cummins Wagner would begin rolling the system out to their other divisions.

The transition went okay, and over time Cummins-Wagner rolled out Dynamics CRM across the entire organization.

As they did, they uncovered a problem. The original CRM developer created a security model that was totally inadequate for what Cummins-Wagner needed at an organizational level. In short, they had two big problems:

    Different divisions don’t really share customers, so there’s no need to see the company-wide information. But because of the way their system was configured, Cummins-Wagner couldn’t limit what each division saw.Therefore, each division had to weed through a lot of data that was irrelevant to them.
    The existing CRM security settings were too simplistic, meaning Cummins-Wagner was constantly in a situation where they had to grant employees, outside sales reps, and partners more access than the company was comfortable with in order to give them access to the data they’d need.The alternative was almost always too restrictive, meaning employees couldn’t do their jobs because they wouldn’t have enough access. Cummins-Wagner needed to be able to give the appropriate amount of access more easily.

Brett Johnson, Cummins-Wagner’s Systems Administrator, was charged with reformatting the system’s security model.

He decided to engage Ledgeview Partners to help him design a new model, and implement it without disrupting the company’s day-to-day operations.

The Solution

Johnson had an ongoing relationship with Ledgeview Partners, utilizing their support desk for Microsoft Dynamics CRM support and simple modifications.

For this project, however, Ledgeview took on a lead consulting role.

“This was an all-encompassing, organization-wide project,” Johnson says. “I wanted to leverage Ledgeview’s expertise in design and process development up front to really map out the security model.”2012-9-21 Pat and Barry_edited-1

Ledgeview spent a lot of time on design, learning about Cummins-Wagner’s organizational structure and access needs in detail. The process was intensive, with lots of communication back and forth.

Throughout, Johnson was kept informed through a single point of contact, his project manager.

Johnson describes the experience this way, “The working relationship was great. Ledgeview was always responsive, even if the project manager was out of the office. I’d get an email back the same day.”

Ledgeview Partners delivered a packaged zip solution with a completely new security model. They installed it on Cummins-Wagner’s live production environment for Johnson to roll out by division, as he’d requested. Johnson began to transition users.

He recalls, “I was expecting this to be a pretty long process, where we’d give each department a couple weeks to switch over. But it was going so smoothly on the first day, that by the second day I just finished switching everybody and I was done implementing it.”

Not only did the implementation go really smoothly, it didn’t cause any disruption in any department or division. Johnson said, “It just worked. They came in the next day, and it just worked. I consider that a pretty good implementation.”

The Benefits

Since implementing their new Dynamics CRM security model, nothing’s changed. And that’s exactly what Cummins-Wagner was hoping for. Okay, that’s not entirely true. On the admin side of their system, a lot’s changed.

Johnson explains, “These changes allowed us to make significant reductions in the number of teams, security roles and business units that we’d set up. So our whole structure on the admin side is now much cleaner and easier to follow. And I appreciate that even if no one else does. It eliminates a lot of confusion.”

Johnson adds, “Before these changes were in place, there were some things that users simply could not accomplish with CRM unless we gave them too much access. And if they couldn’t get enough access, then they couldn’t do their jobs.”


Cummins-Wagner’s real measure of success for the implementation? Whether users noticed the changes, and more importantly, whether they complained about them. Neither happened.

Cummins-Wagner is now in a position to continue to grow through acquisition without the risk of giving too much access to its data, or overwhelming employees and partners with too much of it.

Johnson is confident that the system is ready to take on more users as the company continues to grow. He also knows his department can handle keeping everything running smoothly, in part because of the new security model.

He said, “On the admin side, the changes reduced the number of calls for support and time spent addressing problems.”

Ledgeview Partners continues to provide support to Cummins-Wagner, keeping their Dynamics CRM system in peak form, and working with Johnson to add improvements and optimizations as needed.

Johnson describes the ongoing relationship with Ledgeview Partners, “We like them, and we recommend them to people for their responsiveness, and because they know Microsoft Dynamics CRM as well as anyone out there.”

That’s their thing, after all. Helping companies get the most out of their CRM solutions, whether in a support role or a lead role, increasing their ROI and building a long-term relationship based on mutual growth and success. Sounds like the formula’s working.

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About the Company

Cummins-Wagner Co., Inc. is a distributor for industrial and mechanical equipment covering the mid-Atlantic states. We serve Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania with leading brands of compressors, pumps, and heat transfer equipment, and offer support services such as system design, assembly and aftermarket service and repair.

Headquartered in Annapolis Junction, Maryland, with branches in Pennsylvania and Virginia, Cummins-Wagner acquired Siewert Equipment and Siewert Classic in 2008, expanding our reach to include markets in New York State and Florida.  In 2010, Cummins-Wagner acquired Food Equipment & Engineering Company (FEECO) in Tampa, FL, and combined FEECO with Siewert Classic to build our new Florida division, Cummins-Wagner-Florida, LLC.

Cummins-Wagner is a 100% employee-owned company. We have the best products and the best people in the business, and we look forward to serving you.

Brewer-Hendley is a Chevron 1st Source Elite Marketer, so customers can be assured that both staff and managers will provide them with exceptional service and the highest quality of products, while operating with the utmost integrity. Brewer-Hendley operates four warehouse locations to serve the Carolinas: Marshville, NC; Goldsboro, NC; Charlotte, NC; and Florence, SC. Learn more at

“Our whole structure on the admin side is now much cleaner and easier to follow. And I appreciate that even if no one else does.

Brett Johnson, Systems Administrator, Cummins-Wagner
Cummins Wagner

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