Customizable Default List Views Available with Salesforce Spring ’19 Release

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As of the Salesforce Spring ’19 Release, you can now have a go-to list as your default list.

Currently, the release is in preview mode for Salesforce users. General availability updates will be solidified in March 2019.

Salesforce reports that, with pinned lists, all users can now make any list their new default in the Spring ’19 Release.

This is a very useful change for users who have been used to going right to Recently Viewed <Opportunities/Accounts/Etc.>, and weren’t allowed to see any other default list view such as “My Opportunities/Accounts/Etc.”.

This change is much more useful and friendly for the user. Customized views allow for more process effectiveness and personalization.

The change will apply to:

  • Lightning Experience for the following editions …
    • Essential
    • Group
    • Professional
    • Enterprise
    • Performance
    • Unlimited
    • and Developer

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To take advantage of this functionality, simply click on its pin icon. When you want to change what you have pinned, click on a new list.

By default, the pinned list for all objects that will appear is what was most recently viewed.

Are you getting excited to take advantage of all of the new features the Spring ’19 Release will offer? If you’d like to read the complete Salesforce Spring ’19 Release Notes, click here.

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