Within Microsoft Dynamics CRM you have the ability to change the color of entity icon backgrounds. Whether you are looking to have color indicators for your icons, looking to prioritize or just looking to personalize your Dynamics CRM icons, follow these simple steps to adjust the color.

1. Open the default solution by navigating to Settings->Customization and click on Customize the System.

Custom Color 1

2. Expand Entities, and click on the entity name you want to adjust the background icon color for. In this example, we will be updating the Account icon background color.

3. From with the properties area for the entity, you can adjust the color of the entity icon by updating the HTML color code field.

Custom Color 2

4. To create the HTML color code, you can use an online tool like the one at this website: http://htmlcolorcodes.com/

5. Use the tool to select your color and generate the code. Copy and paste the code into the Color field in Dynamics CRM.

Custom Color 3

6. Verify that the color that is displayed is correct, then save the solution and publish your changes.

Custom Color 4

7. Once you’ve published, refresh your browser and navigate to Account to see the color change in the sitemap.

Custom Color 5

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