A previous blog post outlined the home page as you find it right out-of-the-box from Salesforce. This post will educate you on some tips to improve that out-of-the-box functionality to your specific needs.

You can customize the Salesforce Home tab to include components such as sidebar links, a company logo, a dashboard snapshot, or custom components that you create. A dashboard snapshot is a clipping of the top row of a dashboard’s components. Just like other tabs, you can also assign different home page layouts to different users based on profile.

You can add components to the sidebar or the main panel. You can also determine if custom sidebar components appear only on the Home tab or on all Salesforce pages.

I will now walk you through the steps to customize the Salesforce home page to fit your needs.

The Setup

  • Click the Setup link next to your name in the top right menu.
  • On the right menu expand Customize and Home

Salesforce Home Page 1

  • Select the Home Page Layout
  • Pick New
  • Select an Existing Home page layout so you have a base to work from.
  • Enter the Customer Home Page Name

Salesforce Home Page 2

  • Next select the Components you’d like to see

Salesforce Home Page 3

  • Arrange the components by selecting the Top, Up, Down or Bottom buttons.
    As you make changes the Preview button will allow you to see how the components are organized on the page.

Salesforce Home Page 4

  • Use the Save & Assign to identify which users and profiles view the new home page as their default home page.

Salesforce Home Page 5

Custom Links

The Custom links offer the flexibility to navigate to different Salesforce or other places quickly. You can create simple website links or complex javascript functionality.

  • Start on the Home Customization Setup menu and select Home, Custom Links

Salesforce Home Page 6

  • Click New at the top of the page

Salesforce Home Page 7

  • Provide a Label, Name, Description
  • Select the Behavior and Content Source
  • In the large text box enter the URL for the website.

Salesforce Home Page 8

Note: when you save your link you will be reminded to create a component and add it to the home page.

Salesforce Home Page 9

When the Save is complete, you will see a summary of your Custom Link

Salesforce Home Page 10

Page Components

Now we can add our Custom Link to a Page Component. You can add Links, Images, HTML and Visualforce pages.

  • Start on the Home Customization Setup menu and select Home, Home Page Components

Salesforce Home Page 11

Select New

Salesforce Home Page 12

You are reminded of all the types of Components that can be created. Click Next.

Salesforce Home Page 13

To add the Website link, enter a name and select Links. Click Next

Salesforce Home Page 14

Move the Link from the Custom Links Not to show column to the Custom Links to Show column by clicking the Add arrow. Click Save
Salesforce Home Page 15

You will now see your new Component under Custom Components

Salesforce Home Page 16

Finally don’t forget to add the new component to your Home Page Layout. (I noticed the new component may take a few minutes to appear.)

Salesforce Home Page 17

Now when you preview the home page you’ll see your custom link!

Salesforce Home Page 18

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