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Webinar: Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM User Group
Topic: Best Practices for the Advanced Admin

Each month Ledgeview Partners offers a free webinar to educate users and administrators of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM and to drive user adoption and use of the functionality. Each webinar consists of a main “training topic” and certified Dynamics experts will answer user-submitted questions.

December’s Training Topic: “Best Practices for the Advanced D365/CRM Admin ” – You are the go-to wizard who holds the keys to the castle and can make magic happen. Already confident in your Admin Skills? Time to take it up a notch! Our certified D365/CRM experts will dig deep and present our best practices that will help elevate the game of even the most experienced administrator.

This webinar is now available for viewing on-demand. Watch below!

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Michael Dodds is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certified Support Consultant at Ledgeview Partners.   Michael believes Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM saves customers time and energy from hunting down and analyzing data. These tools redirect the customers’ valuable time and energy to other important areas of their job and that’s why he loves these tools! Mike also enjoys talking about the weather and offering up a great joke!

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